KBM Extrusion Machines: Customers can benefit from our complete service portfolio for their equipment, from individual planning to consultancy in process engineering and technology, including, of course, manufacturing processes, here also everything from a single source. Reaching optimal performance with the right components is the essence of cost-efficient solutions from KBM

So why should you buy your next plastic extrusion machine from us ? Here's why

KBM stands not only for state-of-the-art machine manufacturing and innovative technologies, but also for more than three decades of experience in the production of extruders and extrusion equipment.

We plan, design and install extrusion lines with perfectly coordinated components that feature high output combined with excellent end product quality all along the line and consequently have made KBM a market leader in single- and twin screw extruder technology.

In all of this, functionality, machine availability and cost-efficiency are absolute priorities. With our quality standards, we are real partners for our customers, offering them top-class service. Here, we make a special point of comprehensive counseling in process technology, which is one of our special strengths.

  • We have been making machines since 30 years. Our father started this business and met with success and we have been carrying on this family tradition.

  • We have clients across India, Middle East, Africa and neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma. All our publicity is only via word of mouth.

  • We use the most durable material in the manufacturing of screw and barrel: the heart of any extrusion line. We machine the components ourselves and we make no compromises on Quality.

  • We are constantly educating and improving our technology knowledge and we impart the same knowledge to our core team. This helps us build better machines, year by year.

  • We are based in the Business Hub of Mumbai. Here we get the best vendors for material, people and it is the best place to import and export material. As it is said, it is about Location, Location and Location.

  • We have a good manufacturing set up. This is where we rigorously test machines and assemble them. Clients come to inspect them before they leave for their final destination.

  • Most of our business comes through repeat sales and referrals. A true testimony of our dedication towards quality.

  • We follow an ISO 9001:2000 process for Quality and production and are currently getting audited for TUV Standards.

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