Two Stage Recycling

For LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE. ,PP, BOPP, PS, EPS, XPS, ABS, PC , PET, Films, Fiber, Fabric & Yarn Scrap


Model RP/B-80CD RP/B-90CD RP/B-120CD
Material PP,PE Film PP,PE Film PP,PE Film
Output 80-120 kgs/hr 150-200 kgs/hr 180-300 kgs/hr
Extruder (2 sets) Main BABY Main BABY      Main BABY
Drive Motor 25HP 10HP VS Main 15HP VS 60HP 20HP VS
Speed Range 2 step Stepless 2 step Stepless 2 step Stepless
Screw Diameter 80 mmØ 80 mmØ 90 mmØ 90 mmØ 120 mmØ 120 mmØ
L/D Ratio 30/1 10:01 30/1 10:01 30/1 10:01
Heat Capacity 27 kws 10 kws 42 kws 12 kws 45 kws 15 kws
Temp. Control 6 sets 3 sets 7 sets 4 sets 8 sets 4 sets
Vent Equipment 1 set   1 set   1 set  
Die Use Hydraulic Screen Change
Cooling Tank 2500x355x300mm   2800x355x300mm   3000x395x300mm  
Cutting Unit 5HP V.S. MOTOR   5HP V.S. MOTOR   7.5HP V.S. MOTOR  
Force Feeding Hopper 3HP V.S.   5HP V.S. Motor   5HP V.S. Motor  

Introductory to the World of Recycling Plastic

Since 1973, “KBM” researches and develops machines and systems designed to recycle a vast variety of plastic materials available on the market by transforming them into perfect and regular granules.

Constant technological and applicative research by highly qualified staff, make the company one of the leading players on the international market.

Our systems are able to recycle a vast variety of plastics in various forms: film, bottles, textiles, yarns, fibres, containers, sheets. Thanks to the new electronic process control systems and the new cutting system technology, our granules are even and regular.

Among the main materials that KBM extruders can recycle there are: LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, PS, EPS, XPS, ABS, PC and PET.



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