HDPE / PPR / PVC Pipes Extrusion Lines

For Electrical Conduit, Plumbing, Irrigations, Agriultural, HDPE, PPR , PVC Pipes

Item 45 / HD 65 / HD
Extruder Capacity kg/hr. 70-140 70-220
Screw Dia mm 45 65
Screw L/D 30:1 30:1
Main Motor kw 55 80
Screw Speed Max rpm 200 200
Heating Capacity kw 10 14
Barrel + Adapter Temp . Zone 4 + 1 4 + 1
Centre Height mm 1100 1100
Dies & Sizing Dies Type Lattice Basket
Sizes mm 20-110 20-250
Cooling Water Bath Type VK-110 VK-250
Haul off Type CP-110 CP-200
Motor kw 2.2 3.7
Auto Cutting Unit Cutting System Single Saw Single Saw
Cutting Motor kw 1.5 1.5

  • The production line equips with high output extruders, the new type barrel has slots insides cylinder, the mixing type screw has a good plasticizing ability. The extruder provides high capacity and good quality to finished products.
  • Equipped with the advanced "Lattice Basket" type dies, the melting temperature is low, which results in good mixing performance and stable production ability.
  • Vacuum tank with multi-section control can ensure the dimension and roundness of HDPE pipe.
  • Particular structure of the longer vacuum sizing cylinder can ensure the stability in high speed working.
  • The worldwide famous frequency converter is employed in the driving control system ensuring stability, precision and reliable transmission.
  • The running of the whole production line are controlled by PID, graphic operation system has a good man-machine interface. All process data can be displayed and set through PID controller.
  • Diameter measuring device and ultrasonic thickness measurer can be selected as the optional parts. Equipped with these parts, the outer diameter and wall thickness can be measured at the real time



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