PVC & PE Profiles Extrusion Lines

Single Screw Extruder For Coloring, Compounding & Master Batch


  • Screw diameters from 52 to 92 mm
  • Processing unit: 32:1 L/D ratio
  • Outputs from 120 kg/h to 500 kg/h for PVC profiles
  • Outputs from 200 kg/h to 1000 kg/h for PVC pipe
  • State-of-the-art technology
Down stream model Max. product length (mm) Vacuum calibration table Haul-Off Cutter
Vacuum pump KW Water pump KW Length (mm)        Motor Motor
K-TSX52x18 50 to 250 3.7kw×2 3.7x1 4000 1.1kw×2 2.2kw×1
K-TSX52x25 50 to 300 3.7kw×4 3.7x1 5000 1.5kw×2 2.2kw×1
K-TSX65x22 200 to 800 5.5kw×4 3.7x1 5000 1.5kw×2 2.2kw×1

Customized solutions for highest demands

With the new twin screw extruder design, we offer solutions to satisfy every need and application. We also provide options to fulfill our customers’ requirements with custom-made solutions.

The twin extruder is ideal for processors looking for a high-performance extruder in proven KBM quality with a wide processing window and process technology support from KBM. The twin extruder series combines all benefits that play a vital part in cost-efficient use of the extruder. These benefits are the result of continuous improvements in design and process technology derived from ongoing cooperation with customers and raw material producers.


  • High flexibility through gentle, homogeneous plastification
  • A choice of different screw geometries for processing customer-specific PVC compounds
  • Maintenance-free Intercool® screw cooling system
  • 100% insulated barrel with air power cooling and AC motors for low energy consumption
  • Proven KBM quality and an excellent price performance ratio






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