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Flim Recycling – Two Stage

Flim Recycling – Two Stage

Post-Consumer Waste

Most of the plastic were used by people and then collected by Waste Management companies. These plastic waste can be well utilised by the plastic production industries very easily and flawlessly with KBM Recycling Technology. All used plastic by the World are valuable raw material. 

Post-Consumer plastic waste are to be well sorted, cleaned and washed in washing lines. These are now post washed plastic waste having moisture, printed, laminated film that can be recycled in KBM Two Stage Cutter Compactor designed machine which is Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly and giving maximum use to your post-consumer waste to raw material.


⦁ Intelligent Control
⦁ Operator Friendly
⦁ Smart and Auto Feeder
⦁ Compounding Dosing Feeder
⦁ Single Start and Stop
⦁ Power Saver and High Efficiency

Applicable plastic materials

Shrink Wrap, PP,PE,PET, Laminated Films, Post washed woven bags, Post washed printed film, PE/PP Printed multi-layer film waste etc.

Shrink Wrap


Post Wash Artical Regrind

post wash woven bags

post wash printed film

pe, pp printed multi layer film waste

75mm Cutter Compactor 200-250 kgs/hour
85mm Cutter Compactor 300-350 kgs/hour
105mm Cutter Compactor 400-450 kgs/hour
120mm Cutter Compactor 500-700 kgs/hour